Welcome to the Wonderful world of me!

I have always had a love for fashion, from the age of 6 I remember tearing the clothes off of my Barbies and replacing them with clothing that I had created ¬†using fresh white socks (don’t tell my mum) and pieces of old bursted balloons.

My favourite part of the weekend was when I became my Mothers shadow and was able to follow her to Ridley Road¬†market, to some not so famous shops and stalls that ¬†sold the most beautifully coloured and patterned clothing at shocking prices. It wasn’t until I became an adolescent that I was given autonomy and was able to choose my own clothing, this helped me develop my style but I never forgot how to be frugal.

As a teenager I began to experiment a little more with my style and tried out things that I would at times get ridiculed for,but most of the time people admired and I became the stylist of my household, being coined the¬†“Little Gok Wan” by my older sister due to me always shopping on the high street and that no one and I mean no one would dare leave the house ¬†without getting the Rea seal of approval.

As a young adult in University that is when I really had my independence, but it was also one of the most judgemental phases in my life as what I knew and where I came from was something everyone else wanted to hide. 2 of my best friends were essentially spoilt and always had nice and expensive clothing, being a regular student money was tight but I made sure I could always¬†keep up with the Kardashians¬†¬†utilising my resources buying BodyCon and Skater ¬†dresses at the lowest prices possible.¬†This is when I truly believed I had something that I wanted to share with the world, I wanted all the other girls around me that couldn’t afford to buy the most expensive clothes to have the opportunity to look stunning no matter the price tag.

So hence my mission to share this info with those who are willing to read… ūüėÄ