My Budget Beauty Buys

Becoming a blogger has taught me some great things;

  1. Writer’s block is a serious curse that should be placed upon no soul.
  2. Photoshoots are a very weird and awkward thing.
  3. Last but not least… content makes you spend a lot of money on Makeup!!!

Even though I am 2 and a half years in the game, this leopard will never change her spots. So as much as Fenty beauty has changed my whole outlook on life itself, the truth is I will never break up with Superdrug.

So being the self-appointed ambassador of budget brands, it would be terribly wrong for me to not share my most popular affordable beauty products right?


MUA Pro-Base Smooth, Set & Prime £5

I am not an everyday foundation wearer but when I started using it more frequently I noticed just how oily my T-Zone was. I had really given up on finding anything that worked for me until I came across MUA’s Pro-Base primer. you can use it to give an even texture prior to putting on your foundation. And for girls like me with open pores, it acts as a filler to give your face a real smooth finish all on its own.

Image result for mua pro base primer

MUA Aurora Shine Lip Gloss £4

If you’d have asked me a year ago what my choice of lip coverage was I would have vehemently forced a matte lipstick right down your throat. But I have officially been converted by the trend that consumed my secondary school years of shiny clear lip gloss. The product that drew me back into this movement was 3D Hydra Lip Gloss by Kiko at £7.90.  But ff you are looking for an item that gives the same look but is slightly lighter on your pockets,  then MUA Luxxe’s Aurora Shine lip gloss is the way to go, plus you save a sweet £3.90.




MUA Ultra-Fine Loose Setting Powder £4

My oily combination skin leaves my face shiny quite early into putting my makeup on, and as I am still quite a novice to the beauty arena I constantly ask for advice on what I can do to keep the shine down. One thing that was recommended to me was Banana Powder which I despised as it left me feeling like I looked exactly like the fruit, but I came across a product that does exactly the same thing without the yellow tint. MUA’s Setting Powder was literally my lifesaver during the scorcher of the summer keeping me pretty shine proof during the heatwave.




MUA Prism Loose Powder Highlighter £5

As I said in one of my previous beauty posts I had begun to experiment with highlighting as a part of my regime. Well, I have bypassed flirting and have fallen head over heels for the custom. And after testing a number of products, next to Fenty Beauty’s Matchstix my favorite low cost highlighting tool is MUA’s Prism Loose Powder in Star Illusion. It starts as an uncoloured powder that when worked into the skin brings an illuminated shade to your face. I love this creation because the loose powder allows me to control how subtle or loud of look I want to go for, and it blends with my skin tone very well which is hard to find in budget produce.


I hope this has inspired all my readers to research the market, and to never sleep on the low-cost beauty market. And if you are anything like me, you’ll always appreciate being able to save those coins for a cheeky McDonalds for the journey home.




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