Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2018

Year after year the Afro Hair and Beauty Show sets up shop at the Business & Design center in North London for an exhibition that showcases all elements involved in the innovation that is black hairdressing & beauty.

The show has been running for a vast number of years, and in 2009 faced backlash from the black community as goers felt that the exhibition could offer more of a positive outlook on natural black beauty as it was more geared towards the European standard. This being said that was a time when colourism was in its height, and weaves and a relaxer were the most common popular styles.


The 2-day event was determined to put those views to rest giving a platform to a plethora of Hairdressers, Barbers, Haircare stockists and wig slayers who throughout the day aimed to inspire by offering their expertise about hair & glamour. From the ever growing natural trend to the tapered fade every style, hair type and gender were catered for at this year’s event. Competitions are also held to give up and coming hair stylists an opportunity to present their creativity on models live. This year had a separate day for barbering alone!


With an event space packed to the brim with companies that specialise in black hair and culture, consumers were not only offered some of their favourite products at a reduced price. But were wowed throughout the day by with seminars, demonstrations and the number 1 attraction… free giveaways.


Although the event is much more geared towards the hair genre, plenty of space was made for the fashion department. With various independent fashion designers displaying their intricately designed black culture clothing and fashion shows were displayed throughout to represent those amazing skills.


Influencers and radio personalities were amongst the crowd hosting presentations, interviewing companies and mingling and sharing their bubbly personalities with the consumers.

The live show definitely delivers the message that our crowns are a diverse canvas. With the top hairstylists and barbers teaching people how to achieve desired looks at your bathroom sink, hair care companies giving talks on the elements of their products and how it fits with different his types. The show definitely inspired me to embrace my naturalness and pushed me into the realm of experimenting, I left with my head swimming full of ideas to try in the future. Although overall I was pleased with what was offered, I do feel that the beauty department lacked and I would have liked to have seen Sleek have massive input in an expo like this, all in all, it was a great way to spend my Bank holiday weekend.

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